Hello Blogosphere!

Fresh words on a screen just don’t have the same draw as the smell and feel of crisp new paper and the sound of a pen scratching across it.  Yet, our lives are moving incrementally online to a world where we can share more than a few words and descriptions.  We inundate each other with images, videos, and random, rambling musings.

While searching, seeking for every last piece of information to satiate our curiosity, we are simultaneously selectively blocking unnecessary information.  It is a task vital to our existence – protecting ourselves from being completely overwhelmed.  What defines something as necessary is unique to our own individual experiences.  Yet most of us admit that we subconsciously ignore some of the most important, vital news that passes through the channels in hopes that we will never have to deal with it directly.

So where do blogs fit in?  Can one be truly interesting without losing a professional edge?  Must a specific theme be followed throughout for consistency to maintain readership?  Personal blogs are nearly a dime a dozen today.  Should one write only about the personal, entertaining, and popular?  Is it smarter to cover that information which is socially important, globally vital, newsworthy and professional.  And finally, the most important question:  What on earth do I write about?



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