Bus Stop Epiphanies

For a while now, I have been researching hardcore different career paths in hopes something would jump out at me.  No luck.  That is, I hadn’t felt drawn to anything until I drove past several bus stops this morning and had an epiphany.

This might sound crazy.

Lately, a lack of employment means some time spent driving around the city in no particular hurry.  I’d never noticed ’til now just how many bus stops are along the roadways.  (Do we really have that many buses?!)  Since returning home, I have consistently felt the urge to pause at these stops and offer a ride to those standing and waiting. I have no beef with the busing system and used one regularly when living abroad.  I want to reach out to those standing there and offer a quick jaunt from point A to point B without all the stops in between.

Of course, I don’t because they’d probably think me a creeper planning to drive out of the city and murder them.  That’s what I’d think at least.

When I identified this urge to help, the cloudiness that blocked my future suddenly vanished.  I’m not really concerned about strangers getting to their destinations on time.  I enjoy figuring out what someone needs and filling that hole.  The awesomeness of my college experience is something I want to share and have done so on many informal occasions.  I am passionate about higher education and the impact of the experience.  What better way to spend my future than helping others make the most of their university experience?

Whether through admissions, alumni relations, study abroad programs or any other office, I am drawn to provide.  I already know most of the ins and outs of my own college.  I could easily learn those of other higher education schools and use that information to help students maximize their experience there.  I want to be part of that process.

New Career Search:  Academia, Staff Positions



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