Where is my head at?

Oooooh noooo. Not cool. I sent a text meant for my parents (signed ‘love u!’) to the wrong person.

What a way to end a less than awesome day.  Just icing on the cake.

Today was supposed to be a long day trip exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. However, I just couldn’t get my head on straight.

First, I decided to use printed directions instead of my Garmin.  Driving from Clemson, SC to Cherokee, NC… how the hell did I end up deep in back country Georgia?  Normally, I love getting lost.  It’s a chance to see what you’d never noticed before.  This just wasn’t the right day for it.  It wasn’t ’til sign after sign spoke of peaches that I became suspicious of my whereabouts.

I finally made it to the national park an hour later than planned.  Unfortunately, pouring rain limited my adventures to a 3 mile, very wet hike on a flooded trail.  It was still gorgeous and exciting but much shorter than planned.  (3 miles of skipping through puddles with an umbrella is my limit.)

The scenic Blue Ridge Parkway was a great road to take on my way out to Charlotte, NC.  The rain stopped long enough to lunch out on the ledge of one of the many overlooks.  Driving through the ‘smoke’ was pretty incredible as well.  Some parts of the mountain range are so foggy you seem to be driving across a blank sheet of paper.  The road is there, but the trees, tunnels, and everything else disappears into a blanket of pure white.  It’s like driving through Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Charlotte, NC seemed the best place to go next.  I figured I’d lose the rain, and spend the evening biking around and hanging out at a coffeeshop while waiting for my friends to get back from work.  The rain followed me.  It brought lightening.

So to top all that off with a mis-sent txt msg?  Tomorrow had better rock.


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