Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill, NC is a beautiful area just a few hours drive from Charlotte.  This destination was chosen solely for my nerdy side.  I LOVE planetaria! Whether it’s a star show or solar system exploration, it is always entertaining and enlightening.


“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.”        – Ray Bradbury

The Morehead Planetarium & Science Museum is definitely kid-focused but a lot of fun.  It was built way back in 1949 but was a key part of our nation’s history.  Before computers had the capability to create the complex star systems used for guidance, scientists used this planetarium to create simulations of what astronauts would experience in space with just the stars to guide them.  Between 1959 and 1975, nearly every U.S. astronaut was trained at Morehead.

The Zeiss Projector seen here can display 8,900 different stars in the Planetarium. It was incredible and beautiful.

After my short tour of the museum and campus, I wandered the beautiful town of Chapel Hill stopping at various shops before heading up to Richmond, Virginia for the night.  A few of my favorite stops included 411 West, an Italian cafe, served the most delicious brunch to a full house of classy southern families and a upscale boutique named UniquitiesSugarland may be known for award winning cupcakes, but it was their gelato that sold big on the very hot day I was in town.  It was quite literally the best gelato I’ve tasted since Spring Break Italy 2006.  Vanilla Bean was perfectly creamy and sweet without the frosting type taste many places around the midwest feature.


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