Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is an incredible city. It’s unlike any other place I’ve visited before. The houses and apartments all have a definite east coast feel but without that ‘living on top of one another’ look you find in the extremely crowded cities like London and NYC. The homes are all painted in light colors that have grayed slightly over time.  It is a city that feels like its residents have been there forever.

Philly, PA

I arrived early afternoon and popped into The Plough & Stars pub for some lunch before wandering the streets downtown.  My mood was definitely more people-watch than touristy so I merely picked up a few postcards before spending my time observing the people meander through.

When I met up with Kelly at her apartment, she drove up in a gorgeous silver convertible.  She insisted I tour the city after learning I skipped the touristing earlier.  That was the classiest driving tours ever recorded in the history of mankind.  She zigzag through the streets of Philadelphia shouting out places and random facts as we drove past them.  I learned about the city’s history, progress, and amazing park system.  We discussed art museums, theater, and culture as the wind blew through our hair.  To end our stylish jaunt into the city, we skipped the Vegas worthy lights of Geno’s Steaks and hit Pat’s King of Steaks to split a juicy cheesesteak. “One. Provolone. Wit-out.” It was very Philly experience standing amongst locals and foreigners for the city’s staple food.

Later, Kelly and I walked the streets of her neighborhood gazing in shop windows and catching up on everything that’s happened since we last saw each other.  We reminised about our St. Patty’s Day vacation in Dublin several years back and discussed the week she spent visiting me in London in 2006.  Kelly was one of a few girl friends I had in high school that I was really close with.  It was incredible to see how much she has accomplished since we graduated.  Spending time with her always inspires me to dream big of major travels and life goals.  After this trip, I suddenly feel the need to explore becoming a U.S. Ambassador.

It was an amazing visit to her city, and I want to go back already.



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