Erie, PA

I finally did get in touch with Bryan before I drove to stalk his house.  He called seemingly out of nowhere to make plans for my visit.

We drove to GE where he works as an locomotive engineer, and he explained his job while giving me a quick tour of the campus (all from inside Bry’s car as security said I wasn’t allowed to leave the car while at the facility).  It was really interesting learning about the types of projects he works on.  As with everyone else I have met up with on my travels, I greatly enjoyed listening as he attempted to ‘dumb it down’ for me.  The jobs we do are all far more complicated than we think until we try to explain them to someone who is not a scientist, engineer, etc.

We met up for a late dinner with a friend of his and then stayed up late chatting about what we miss and don’t miss about our high school lives.

I’m loving this trip, but, as the days go by, I’m getting antsy to get back home, see family and friends, and find real job again.  Just a few more days until I’ll be home.  In a few hours, I’m leaving Erie behind and heading North.

Next up:  Niagara Falls



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