Ludington, MI

I spent last night feeling rather lonely in Bay City, MI. So many days and nights on this trip have finally sunk in. I am beginning to miss home.

The sense of adventure started to wane after Niagara Falls. It would seem that turning back toward home created a ending. With no more stops planned, I only wished be back in Green Bay. Taking off the way I did, so quickly with little time to plan, I left a lot behind: my family, who have been incredible supportive of this sabbatical; my friends, who I have spent too little time with; and a guy I only just met weeks ago but kind of miss.

I’m currently hiding out in Ludington, MI awaiting a ride on the SS Badger ferry back to Wisconsin.

Stunningly, the most delicious food is found at a tiny restaurant here in Ludington. Since I arrived before the dinner rush, I befriended a few fellow dinners and met the chef. So amazing. I highly recommend this wonderful place.

Nearly time to ship out.


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