Kitchen Adventures

17 and Baking is the blog of a teenager whose writing, food, and photography have garnered her quite a following.  Myself included. The kitchen has never been my friend in years past.  As a expert in sitting on counters, chatting at fellow cooks, and getting distracted, I have also somehow managed to garner a reputation in turning edible into inedible.

I never thought I’d feel comfortable in the kitchen. Never, until I ran across part of one of 17 and Baking’s posts.

“M- began to use the wrong side of the knife to level the sugar, using the curved edge and measuring out less than the full cup. When I pointed this out, he rolled his eyes and said, “Jeez, Elissa, baking isn’t a science.”

Without even thinking, acting on pure instinct, I told him, “Yes it is.””
via 17 and Baking:  Cream Cheese Rippled Pumpkin Bread

It was like the clouds parted and angels sang.  Science? I hated science, BUT I am great with fact and logic.  So it stands to reason that I should be excellent at following a simple recipe.  The directions are exact.  I should approach cooking and baking the way I did my business law class in college. 

I read that post just before Thanksgiving and was inspired to bake pumpkin bread.  I didn’t follow the recipe from the post but mine still had pretty great reviews!


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