Baking Gingersnaps

When someone raves as excessively as she did in this post 17 and Baking’s Gingersnaps, I feel the peer pressure.  Caving, I trudged to the ever-hated grocery store to fill out my pantry with necessary basics.

Once back in the kitchen though, I felt quite inspired by 17′s mix of yummy recipes and great photography.  The dough came together really well.  It was a little sticky (molasses) and the heat of my apartment made the dough spread a bit.

It was fun to roll the little balls in raw sugar (Any recipes suggestions for raw sugar? I’ve got more than I know what to do with.) and toss them into the oven.  My whole apartment smelled delicious.

I only left the cookies in the oven for 8 minutes exactly since I like my gingersnaps chewy.  However, I’d leave them in for less I think next time.  As these cooled, they became pretty crispy.  Still delicious but definitely more of a ‘milk & cookie’ treat.

Easy and delicious. Must try.

Thoughts for next time:

  • Turn heat down before starting to bake – the oven really gets the place warm
  • Buy real cookie sheets & real cooling racks

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