Molly Lewis

I was reading some of my favorite blogs’ new posts about San Diego’s Comic Con and ran across a mention of the ‘internet famous’ Molly Lewis. She played at w00tstock this year with Paul & Storm. (I won’t pretend I know what I’m talking about here. Who?) Per usual, I’m centuries behind the times. Molly who? A little research turned up this.

Ever wonder about that xanga journal you ranted in years ago, lost the password, and can’t remember the URL? How about that facebook page you obsess over – Sure you don’t care who sees those (legal) drinking pictures now, but where will those pages and pictures be in, say, 20 years?

MySpace – Molly Lewis

And just for good measure: The BSpears song ‘Toxic’ has always grated my nerves. However, this…

…I kinda love.


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