Week of Scott

Scott seemed to be in need of a pick-me-up, and I am always excited to put that right brain to the test. So for an entire week, I did sweet things for him. From an intimate dinner, relaxing massages, and sports, to the following fun:

Fortune cookies
In his lunch midweek, I added three fortune cookies. I had replaced the fortunes (very carefully) with a few sweet ones of my own written in French (4.5 years of studying finally paying off) and Binary (he’s a programmer).

Crack the Code
In another lunch, I hoped to write out my love for him in binary. Just trying to learn the basics of the alphabet was so incredibly daunting that I gave in after nearly an hour. Instead I used Cesear’s Cypher, a rather famous one, to write an entire letter in code.

Reading & the Geek
To cap off the week, Scott & I played a few games  of tennis on the outdoor courts at Astor Park. Just after getting out of the car, I lied about a water bottle left on the car seat and ran back. I tucked the book away on the dashboard behind the steering wheel. The book cover (on the right) was done using the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator off the movie’s website. Scott played well, but was pretty grumpy for all of our games so we cut out earlier than usual. Finding this book, released only 4 days ago, definitely cheered him up.

He loved his week of being special for no good reason. It was a blast to do and a great way to sweeten a rough week.


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