“Loved Bodies, Big Ideas” Contest

I ran across a contest called BIG IDEAS by The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute. The question they are asking got me thinking of how my own personal experiences could have been better when I was a kid. Now, I can’t help but wonder how we could change it so that my niece grows up with a stronger appreciation of being a girl.

What is one bold action that could make the world truly value the diversity of women and girls’ bodies?

1.  Change the way we view PhyEd and Health classes. Start health classes younger. The two classes should tie into each other better. Health should not be focused on the effects of bad health habits (obesity, eating disorders, teen pregnancy) but on the positives of health (nutrition, the science of food, the physics of sports and games. We spend too much time focusing on ‘this is bad, that is good”.

PhyEd should be more focused as a teaching ground for sports. In most of my classes, we learned the rules of sports and then played them. How about teaching kids how to play – you can focus one on one with kids who aren’t naturals.

2.  “Rec” team focus on elementary sports

3.  Greater media focus on women’s sports – The key point of that focus however should be on “capabilities and strengths”. Image comments would not be allowed by the commentors. Make the WNBA as prominent in ads as NBA, the same should be said for hockey, derby, etc. If they can show the Spelling Bee on ESPN, they can show women kicking ass as often as men.


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