Online Sexism

The comic below has been making the rounds online recently. For a long time I believed that if we simply ignored the ignorant rants of some particular people both online and in real life, they would die away from lack of attention. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As you can see below, some people will continue to fight for a side that the majority of well-informed people disagree with because they do have support. It is simply the support of other people spouting nonsensical remarks.

via the genius Gabby’s Playhouse

When did this become a gender war? Yet, it is. Most of my friends and colleagues are uncomfortable with the F-word (feminist) because it represents, to them, the belief that woman are better than men but have been held down by patriarchy for years.

I have chosen to use the word Equaltist for myself for that reason. The f-word doesn’t bother me, in fact many of my favorite blogs hold that word in the title. To me, feminism is a movement to place women at an equal level with men. Ignoring the discrepancies between genders will not end them. It is only by recognizing and facing the underlying biases and subtle put-downs that we will rise beyond gender discrimination. Until we can kill off the gender beliefs that hide so deeply in our subconsious that they rarely rear their head, unfair gender stereotypes will persist.


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