New Wheels!

My new wheels arrived yesterday from DerbySmack! Since I skate with one of the owners, they brought the new sticky wheels to practice for me. We popped them on right away and WOW.

We’ve been skating on a slick concrete floor on Wednesday nights. My black Radar Flat Out wheels have been great for the wood floor at the roller rink, but I needed something a little softer for the hard concrete.

The Poisons are great. I felt a difference the moment I put them on. The concrete can get a little dusty no matter how often we mop so having a grippy-er wheel really helped stick me to the track. I bought the wides (44mm) because it’s what I’ve been skating on with the Radar, but I may try a pair of slim wheels next time just to see. I had assumed they were meant more for jammers, but they might be great for stepping around and in the pack.

Next up… I am considering hitting up the local skateboard shop Surfin’ Bird for some new bearings. I’ll admit it; I’m lazy. The idea of having to switch out my bearings twice a week bores me. There is only so much time between the end of the workday and the beginning of practice. Plus, I’ve been dying to give that place more business. They do really well here. It would be great to let them know just how much derby is happening in this city. Maybe we’ll get a new sponsor…


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