The Daily Show: No Fed. Funding for Abortions

I don’t agree with everything on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. However, this clip from the most recent episode really puts the No Federal Funding for Abortions into an easy to understand format for the general public.

Schaal and Stewart hit upon some pretty important topics.

Definition of Rape – Rape and assault have pretty clear cut definitions. However, as sex and all things related require the consent of two separate parties, many people believe there is a lot of gray area. Yes, we are not able to have complete knowledge of what was happening in both parties brains at the time. The fact is that if one party does not consent or lacks the ability to give consent, then there is an absolute of non-consent from that individual. The circumstances surrounding a given situation are usually what people use to muddy the waters and claim gray area. Which leads me to…

Victim Blaming – By qualifying a rape or assault situation by saying things like “she was walking alone.” or “She was dressed slutty” or (as in the case of Jen Steger of Favre fame) “She posed for Maxim in the past”, they are stating or implying that in some way the assault or rape was not entirely the predators fault. Attacking and hurting someone is a choice – not an uncontrollable animalistic urge.

Additionally, there is a very strong negative association with the word rapist, which is, IMO, why we are so afraid to jump to that label. Similar to murderer, rapist is not a term easily washed off.

“Paying taxes is like going to the zoo. Admission is twenty bucks. You can’t walk in and go ‘Here’s eighteen-fifty. I don’t like zebras.'” – Stewart


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