ESPN Article

ESPN recently published an excellent piece on why the Green Bay Packers need to win the Superbowl. Not want, need.

How perfectly the author, Rick Reilly, describes the relationship between this city and our team.

Pack Mentality
You root for the Green Bay Packers in this Super Bowl because Steelers fans want their team to win but Packers fans need their team to win. They need it like air.

The football stadium can fit 72 percent of the town inside of it. One in every 54,000 Chicagoans is a Bears’ fan, but one in 1,900 Green Bay residents is a Packers’ fan. It says “Titletown” on the city seal. The Packers are Green Bay and vice versa. Their very souls are dimpled pigskin…Read more…

“You root for the Packers in this Super Bowl because it’s more than just Green Bay’s football team. It’s the blood in their veins and the asphalt under their tires.”

We need this win because when the Packers win, I win. You win. Every fan feels that win like they took every hit and ran every yard themselves.


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