An Argument for Personal Brags

When visiting a friend’s house/apt, is it weird for you to see pictures adorning the walls of them experiencing great things? Is it vain to look at one’s own Facebook photos? That seems to be the general consensus among many of my close friends. I disagree.

Personally, I love seeing the images of me at my best everyday. I am not really concerned with showing off my travels or experiences to others. Those pictures are a reminder; a pick me up. Seeing a picture of me jumping from a plane or standing in a foreign country resonate deeply with me. It could be a miserably dull or terrible day, but images like those raise a voice inside that shouts “I DID THAT. Look. Look at you. You never thought you could do that. If you can do that, you can most definitely handle today.”

It’s inspiring to see those images and reflect on where I was, with whom, why. I have been incredibly luckily in this lifetime to have done so much already. Pictures of certain adventures speak more loudly than others. I live quite strictly by the idea that we have to push our limits. This isn’t to say that I am not afraid. Complete scaredy-cat here. However, the moment I recognize that I am too afraid of something is the moment I realize it must be done. More than my fear of falling, injury, or death, I am terrified of feeling trapped. Creating pseudo barriers to ‘protect’ only develops a greater resistance to change and adventure.

Those same things can be easily seen by others as ‘showing off’, but isn’t your own confidence the most important thing? In your own life, shouldn’t your wellbeing (both physically & psychologically) be top priority?


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