Egypt: “The Secret Rally That Sparked an Uprising”

In an excellent article, the Wall Street Journal recently detailed how the uprising in Egypt was both organized and executed. I had heard, through the news, that the police force was very strict, but this article gave a real feel for just how complex and challenging it was for them to start the protest without getting shut down. The author describes the fear of the ordinary citizen; wanting to stand up for their rights but terrified of the harsh tactics used by the police.

The plotters say they knew that the demonstrations’ success would depend on the participation of ordinary Egyptians in working-class districts like this one, where the Internet and Facebook aren’t as widely used. They distributed fliers around the city in the days leading up to the demonstration, concentrating efforts on Bulaq al-Dakrour.

“It gave people the idea that a revolution would start on Jan. 25,” Mr. Kamel said.

In the days leading up to the demonstration, organizers sent small teams of plotters to walk the protest routes at various speeds, to synchronize how separate protests would link up.

On Jan. 25, security forces predictably deployed by the thousands at each of the announced demonstration sites. Meanwhile, four field commanders chosen from the organizers’ committee began dispatching activists in cells of 10. To boost secrecy, only one person per cell knew their destination.

Read more of The Secret Rally That Sparked an Uprising @ The Wall Street Journal

It is exciting to see the changes that the people of a nation can make. Tunisa and Egypt have shown their governments that they will no longer sit idly by as corruption occurs. Perhaps I am an idealist, but, I believe that when the new governments come into official office, they will understand both the feelings and the strength of their people.


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