Book Review: The Hunger Games

Nearly every educated person in the world would agree that literacy is important. Yet, everyday more kids and teens choose not to read. Many adults today do not read recreationally because there are so many other opportunities for entertainment. If I held the ability to influence the book choices of thousands of Americans, I would chose books that inspire more people to read. The traditional novels we studied in English class may have been classics, but, as many will complain, they are often drawn out and descriptive. For those who prefer action to imagery, a constantly moving plot is required to keep them interested

Personally, I would recommend The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and the rest of her trilogy. From the first pages, you know Katniss will become a fighter in the Hunger Games. Collins does not waste time getting to know the heroine. Rather she tosses the reader straight through the raffle and onto the train to the arena. There is no shying away from death but no glorification or graphic descriptions of it either.

The story is incredibly fast-paced and intense. It is a departure from the norm for some booklovers and engrosses even those who rarely sit still. There are not many books that can make a reader out of someone who prefers other modes of entertainment. However, the books that can, like The Hunger Games, show readers how limitless the bookworld is.


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