Birthday Celebrations

As my family will be checking out undergraduate and graduate schools out of town this coming weekend, they will miss my birthday. Robbie graciously allowed us to celebrate both his 17th and my 25th together on his actually birthday last night.

I can’t believe he is 17! He has looked 17 for a few years now, but I still see the shadow of a 10 year old trailing after him. Robbie is the baby of the family. It is crazy to think he’ll be off to college in just a year an a half -an probably a prestigious one at that. I often tease that he has the best of all of us. My ambition, Kelly’s dedication, Mimi’s talent… he rolls them all into one unassuming personality. Pretty impressive for a teenager.

So presents: Rocked. New albums, a handmade cowlneck scarf, book, incredible sheets…. In the words of Ron Weasley, “Seriously good haul this year!”

Thank you family!!!!!!


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