A Grand Birthday Adventure

On Friday, Scott whisked me away, and the entire weekend flew by. I scrambled at work to prep for this coming week’s business conference in Florida. He urged me to hurry so I sped home expecting a hug, a kiss, perhaps an early birthday gift. Instead, he was standing in my parking lot with overnight bags in hand. Confused and excited, I threw my arms around him and allowed myself to be rushed away.

Millions of guesses crossed my mind as we drove up the peninsula. We eventually pulled in at a small inn in Fish Creek.

Dove Cottage was tucked away behind bushes and trees tempting the cold spring with hints of new green. The small white house stood separate but close to the inn. Scott led me indoors to the most adorable cottage ever built. Beautiful wood paneled walls and hand-carved furniture highlighted the traditional Norwegian decor.

Scott wouldn’t let us settle it but rather dragged me out the door. We hurried to the docks and caught the gorgeous last rays of an early spring sunset. It left me breathless. The light painted the surrounding ice muted yellows and oranges before disappearing behind the horizon. I would’ve loved to remain there just holding his hand, but the cold began to seep beneath our jackets sending us back up the dock towards the main street and warm tavern lights.

Dinner was loud and satisfying. We chose our pub based on the largest amount of people inside. Fish and chips are traditional Friday fare here in Wisconsin due to a strong religious foundation. Our perch was phenomenal and complemented the various microbrews we drank. Only the lure of our favorite wine could draw us from the fun, family crowd.

What a wonderful start for a birthday weekend.

Friday flowed into Saturday, and I turned 25. We teased and jested about my new age, but it doesn’t hang lightly for once. Every year I’ve longed to be older. Until now. Suddenly, another birthday means more than living the free life of making my own rules.

Saturday began with a delicious breakfast at famous Al Johnsons Swedish restaurant up in Sister Bay. We hoped to bum around on our way back home, but most places are closed during the off-season. The entire drive back was spent imagining all the exciting things to do when we next had a whole weekend to waste in Door County. Wineries, oileries, kayaking, ziplining, biking, and the Dove.

Nothing could compare to the greatest birthday adventure, or so I thought. Much later in the day, I was working on my laundry to prep for the next days trip. Scott curled up on my couch to work on his latest program / creation / app.

“Hey, can you grab me a beer?”
“No. You were just in the kitchen. Go get it yourself, you lazy boy,” I teased.
“Plllease,” he pleaded with puppy eyes.

I relented but teasingly called him a few things like lazy & useless on my way. All words stopped after I found it. A small white box stood out amongst the drinks and condiments on the door. Forgetting the beer, I carried the box over and opened it beside him. Inside lay a beautiful amethyst necklace. An emerald cut stone topped by a tiny glittering diamond rendered me momentarily speechless.

“Am I still useless?” He teased.
“It’s beautiful” I breathed.

As I sit now on this painfully small plane, the necklace sits proudly around my neck. Avoiding the voice on the loud speaker, I close my eyes to relive the incredible birthday adventure.


One thought on “A Grand Birthday Adventure

  1. Jeannette

    That just can’t be true, or you’re a vicious, cruel, heartless person… How can’t I be jealous? lol
    At least that smoothed over your birthday issue!


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