Time to Hang up my Jersey

It’s over, for now at least.

6 months after starting roller derby, I took a break from skating. My shin splints have been an issue in every sport since they first came on the scene in high school. I haven’t been on skates since. Well, I have, but I’ve yanked them off my feet within minutes each time. Right now, the shins hate me. It’s a problem.

No, I am not running the Cellcom Green Bay half marathon as previously planned.

Yes, I have quit roller derby. For now.

I hate the idea of dropping running and skating. However, health is always the most important thing. It’s the mature, adult decision to make. Instead of tempting the fates, I am handing in my jersey for 2011. Hopefully, a full Spring and Summer of shin rehab and exercise will restore my strength so that I can begin training again in the Fall.

Stupid shins. Quit misbehaving.


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