targeted online marketing or ‘stop stalking me!’

When I first noticed it, it was all about the boots. Frye boots to be exact. I had been lusting after a pair for months debating whether they were worth the $328 price tag (they were). During those months I visited them on the Zappos website a few times. After that, I began noticing them anywhere. THE BOOTS were in a corner ad on a webpage here and there. Wow! I thought, I must really be onto a trend. They are everywhere. but I really do want them. I bought the boots. Awesome. Were the ads influentual? I’m not sure. I’d been pretty committed to buying them anyway.

Yesterday, I began looking for cocktail dresses to wear to the upcoming May weddings. Today, they are stalking me. Only an hour online and I’ve seen them in an ad on every webpage I’ve visited. Gunnerkriegg Court :  Tilia Dress.  3 more websites :  Zora Dress. Huh. Ok yea, I guess they really did finally get me with that targeted marketing.

So does seeing those dresses make me want to buy them?

  1. bc they are in the shape of a women’s torso and have a faintly humanesque air to them… i feel stalked. not by the shop All Saints. by the dresses. (stop following me!)
  2. Seeing these redetermine my focus on getting in shape before the weddings

but honestly, no. I don’t feel an increased desire to buy those dresses.

Anyone else deal with targeted online marketing recently? What are your thoughts?


1 thought on “targeted online marketing or ‘stop stalking me!’

  1. BlackLOG

    I must admit if I walk into a shop and someone is all over me trying to get me to buy something my defences go up and I walk away.

    It’s the same with the little pop up adverts for things I’ve looked at recently, damn bloody cookies (hhmmm must have cookies….). I guess like junk mail it must work on some people but not so much on me ….Now where did I put those cookies…


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