MOFH: April Wish Fulfillment

Reminder: MOFG is My Own Fucking Hero per Wish Fulfillment posts. See Part 1 & Part 2.

April has come and gone with quite a lot of damage. The wishes have been hard at work here in Titletown. No fairy godmothers have appeared in a flurry of sparks while I scrub my kitchen floor. Just hands, knees, & and sopping old rag. So, I’ve pushed on in my efforts to make all my wishes come true this year.

Of all those listed here, the wish that made the most headway was #7 [my library]. I picked away at several others, but the books simply poured in this month. This was definitely helped by the Fox Cities Book Festival whose amazing authors signed several copies of their works for me. However, there were other contributors to the stack: Goodwill, Barnes & Noble, and the WWW. Awesome.

Wishes I’ve delved into this month:

#1 – “Be perfectly fit” – sounds like a preteen type of wording for this wish now that I think about it. All the same, I’ve been going to the gym in the early hours of the morning to gain back my muscle and lose extra wiggle. April Personal Records: 64 pushups & 72 situps

#2 – “Be an author” – I’ve tried to focus on just sitting down and writing but have been so antsy lately. Luckily, I’ve found a few research projects to get the gears turning for a new idea. Bonus: I think I found a writers group at my local B&N!

#3 – “Be really awesome at something”Wish Fulfilled

#7 – “Create the coolest library ever” – Geez, was I, like, seven when I made this list? wow. Ok 7-yr-old self, check out our progress.

#10 – “Organize all my stuff” – There was a wonderful Goodwill trip a few weeks back where I ditched 2 huge arm-loads of donations. It was a mixture of clothes, shoes, and other odds and ends that are no longer needed. While my closet feels a bit lighter, there is still a lot of organizing to do. Bonus: When filling out my taxes, I organized months worth of paperwork. Rock on.

Well, that’s it for April.
Over & out.


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