Images of Feminism Today

IMO, feminism isn’t about taking down the Man. My version is about pointing out and changing the outright and the subtle underlying inequalities between genders all over the world. It isn’t about women becoming more like men or asking men to ‘sissy-up’. It’s about removing the gender biases that associate women with weakness and not with strength. It’s about promoting equality by recognizing our differences both physical and neurological and not ranking some higher than others. Our ranking systems are all subjective. Our differences are individual not sectional. Let us try to diminish and removed those ranks and gender stereotyping to make us more accepting of all people. Let us be equal in everything: Actions. Thoughts. Respect.

Why call it feminism? Maybe it’s not the best word for reaching across barriers toward gender equality. But in this country of excess, we often forget that while our laws make us equal, people do not always act as equals. In equality, most people focus on the broader scale – equality of race, religion, age… Feminism allows for a sole focus on the discrepancies between our genders and our society’s continued need to define us by them. We are all strong, intelligent, bold, and different.

The new Spider-Girl by artist Clayton Henry, via Jezebel

“Licia Ronzulli, an Italian member of the European Parliament, embraces motherhood while voting on proposals to improve women’s employment rights.” via




via facebook




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