Passing a milestone with any project is a Big Deal. Setting milestones or short-term goals are a great way to track your progress and find further motivation toward the end goal.

As I’ve worked my ass off each morning (& some afternoons as well), it was especially exciting to break through my first milestone. I was ecstatic. Victory dancing ensued, and then I ran off to the gym.

A week later, I’m struggling to gain that momentum back. With a mix of tw0-a-days, office lunch parties, & family get-togethers, I’ve had some difficultly staying alert. Getting up at 5:45am has its benefits. But it also leaves you craving a comforter and dark room after several hours. What I needed was a prize. A reward for breaking through that first barrier.


Presents are rock. Why not give gifts for successes? Sure this type of thing could get a little addicting after a while with children… However, for a 25 yr-old who only gets to unwrap gifts 2x a year, this rocks. What prizes do we have for our winner today?

ASICS Gel-DS Trainer 16!
6 pairs of Fitsoks!
2 pairs of Victoria Secret’s Ruched Crop Leggings

Cue: Game show audience applause.

Well now, I’m feeling a bit more inspired. That next milestone won’t even see me coming! Bam.


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