Busy. Busy. Busy.

Scott & I have been running like chickens with our heads chopped off for the last few days. It’s been a pain living in a not-quite-moved-in apartment, but we’ve made serious progress.

Tasks Completed:
All boxes unpacked
Couch bought, lugged home, & built
Kitchen, Dining Rm, Living Rm, Bathrm1, Bathrm2, & Bedrm are all put together sans most of the artwork
Office is… getting there.
Outlet added betwn Office & Living Rm for multi-media

I’m excited. And exhausted. All. The Time.

We’ve done a few things to get to know the area, but we’ve been saving stuff like going to the beaches until we have enough completed at home to enjoy it.

At home. Our home. That’s what you’re really curious about, right? The trials & tribulations of moving in with someone? Some disagreements were to be expected, and they were had. However, life with Scott is like I expected for the most part. We actually butted heads more on our epically long drive across country than we have here. All of the issues that have risen were because of communication failures. It’s taken work, but I think we’ve jumped most of the hurdles.

After one particularly tough battle, we created a plan of action. Still detailed on our kitchen whiteboard are the things we each have agreed to work on – complete with Venn diagram. It might seem unnecessary, but we’ve found it a really useful reminder.

Having space to ourselves is an important factor. Regardless what what we do throughout the day – whether getting laps in at the pool or running errands – we take time to curl up on the couch with various Harry Potter books or Star Wars films. It helps that we both love similarly geeky things. We’re currently nomming tortilla chips & watching Luke make an attack run for the Death Star’s weak point. w00t!


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