To Build or Not To… wait…

Too late not to build now.

That’s right. I’ve a new project!!!

After nearly 2 weeks piecing together this apartment, I’m feeling a bit desperate to get my half of the office in order. One entire wall is full of books, notebooks, knitting, etc… To put any of that in some semblance of order will first require a worktable. Hence, a shopping trip.

I didn’t have too much decided on when I set out this morning. I was in search of a table of solid wood, and I hoped for something in disrepair that I could rebuild. No other guidelines were set. Lucky. I came home (Home. I still relish saying that about this place) with 3 long, wide boards from the local Habitat ReStore and some materials for getting them into shape from Ace Hardware.

Tabletop boards $8
Face mask $0.99

Ace Hardware
CitriStrip $11.99
Chemical resistant gloves $3.49
Safety goggles $3.99
Scraper $3.99
60 Grit Sandpaper $3.99
3in Paintbrush $3.99

Some of these I’m surprised I never owned. Face masks? I should’ve been using those when working on all my spraypaint projects last summer. Safety goggles & sandpaper? Suppose it is about time I stopped borrowing my parents supplies. Nothing like moving across country to force yourself to be less of a… “Hey Mom/Dad! Do you have a saw/sandpaper/dropcloth/matboard/life I could borrow?”

And so, I donned my spandex bike capris & roller derby kneepads and plugged into my ancient ipod for the HP6 audiobook. It’s time for some elbow grease.

It took the entire afternoon, but 2/3 boards have been quite thoroughly sanded down. The last board had a deep varnish that is taking several run-throughs of CitriStrip to remove. I am planning on further stripping (heh) and sanding tomorrow to really get those boards into touchable shape. I haven’t quite determined how the rest of the worktable will come together yet.

  • Bar height is tempting for those projects I’ll want to stand for, but getting a bar stool may be a little pricey.
  • The frame for the table will need to be sturdy, but I’d like it to be removable. If anything, I’d like a setup where the legs could be easily removed for moving. But how to attach them? Bolts through the sides & beam? 90Degree metal brackets? Extra wood?
  • Do I want a shelf attached along the bottom for storage & added stability? How easy will that be to build without a freaking saw?! (okay… without anything other than my tiny hand saw?)
  • Should I stain it? What tone?

Current Total: 7hrs, $40.43

Feeling exhilarated & exhausted. Time for sleep. I’ve got big plans for tomorrow.

*I should note that most of the stuff purchased will be in use long after the table, but many were first time purchases that I needed to have on hand for all projects.


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