First Purchase!

As Athleta’s Fashion Island store will have its grand opening in just two days, the associates were allowed to ‘shop’ for our own work apparel. Everyone was psyched for this. After nearly two weeks of training and stocking, we’ve handled every item, learned about each product’s features, and coveted the incredible designs. We’ve been stalking the back room for days trying to determine what we’d like to wear that first week. Most retail stores want you to wear their products, but we Athleta-ites? were dying to get into them. I tried on a ton of different pieces and purchased 4 delectable items:

Pilayo® Zippy Headband
An impulse purchase. I wore an elastic headband all day and have a huge headache from the way it dug into my scalp. This headband came highly recommended. I’ve been wearing it for the past four hours and it’s working great. There’s no undue pressure on my scull, but it is holding all my hair back perfectly.

Agagra Wrap
I’ve been eyeing this baby up since it came in. It’s made of this Sueded Tactel® fabric that is incredibly soft and stretchy. The cut is uber flattering on all body types because it has a seam right at the natural waist that brings it in just a smidge. Beautiful. We have it in five colors, but I settled on the Ultra Blue because it really makes my eyes pop. I may need the Boysenberry too…

Space Dye Stripe Tinker Tank
This top is meant for working out, but I bought it with just work in mind. It’s made of a Polyester & Lycra® Spandex blend which I was initially concerned would add too much bulk considering its shape is a little baggy. That is completely not the case. The tank feels light, and the fit and material actually help cover any tummy insecurities. It doesn’t add anything to your profile. The side drawstring allows you to cinch it (for yoga inversions & the like) or leave it loose and long. Major bonus: the built in bra actually works – even for a D cup like myself. I wouldn’t go without a sports bra for a workout, but for low impact stuff like work, it’s phenomenal.

Kickbooty™ Bermuda
Being new to southern California, I desperately needed a workout short. My body hasn’t quite adjusted to the weather and I wanted something that was had coverage (so no chaffing or ride ups) and yet was short enough for my legs to keep cool. In the Fit Studio today, there were a lot of girls trying a variety of versions of the Kickbooty. Big butts, small butts, no butts… This made everyone’s look fantastic. I was worried it would emphasize my ‘booty’ but it actually made it look smaller and rounder. Rock on. The short hits right at the knee for me (being all average height & what-nots). I can’t wait to workout in it.


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