Beware vs. Be Aware

When I first told many about my plans to traverse the Great West, some responded enthusiastically. Others immediately warned me of all the insane things that were sure to happen. Granted those were the few who knew me less well. I think this really boils down to two notions:


Being warily of something has good intentions. Cautiousness is vital when trying new things. However, beware signals that you should fear. Beware Dog. Really, it’s the signal of the risk adverse. It’s not just about watching your step; it’s about avoiding any possible dangers. If you avoid danger all together, you avoid the excitement of new.

Be Aware:

I am an uber planner. Epic to the nth degree. When I travel, I prefer to have every possible piece of information available just in case. Already, I’ve studied bear safety, mountain lion safety, best hiking routes through different national parks, good yoga poses for hikers, etc. I’ll know nearly everything I need to “just in case” for the summer trip. However, on the road it’s more important to roll with the punches and accept that the unexpected should be expected.


One thought on “Beware vs. Be Aware

  1. maureen riordan

    you are an uber planner. uber uber planner, and i love traveling with you because of it! that and you have taught me lots about travel planning 🙂


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