ONT: Bath Bomb

One new things is a series of posts I’m doing with my sister. Each week we challenge each other to try something new and write about it.

Not worth it.

For months now I’ve been dying to take a bath. This is a completely unreasonable desire for me as I A) Dislike being in standing water B) Always feel let down by how quickly water cools off & C) Hate that despite of being half out of water, it’s very difficult to multitask and do anything else when you’re wet. All the same, I’ve dream of luxurious bubbles, steaming water, a good book and a bottle of wine.

So not the experience.

First I couldn’t get the drain to close in one tub or anything but ice water to run in the other. Then I dropped in the LUSH vanilla bath bomb which fizzed through the scalding water. (I knew it wouldn’t make bubbles.) Black flecks kept rising to the surface, which I feared was from the facet. Luckily it was just from the vanilla bean. The water smelt heavenly but looked like piss or bad mountain dew. Second, I burned my little toesies over and over trying to get the temp agreeable. Once the bath happened, it was decent. The drain started to go after 5 mins and was nearly gone in another 10. Finally (the cake taker), I had to scrub the tub full on after to rid the walls of the streaks left by the vanilla flecks.

There ends my bathing desire.

Perhaps alcohol would’ve helped.


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