Restaurant Review: BBQ Two 20

It doesn’t take much to get me out to a new place. A beer. Bit of food. All promised at BBQ Two 20.

It’s a wood-walled, homey joint. The smell of pork and beef was intoxicating for my rumbling stomach. The beer fridge is small but stocked with West Coast beers like Stone Ruination IPA and California Pale Ale (organic). The two cooks running the place are funny and abrupt. Your dad’s friend that sneaks you a sip of beer and tells hilarious, drunken stories. The music, a mix of 90’s and 00’s punk rock, enhances the chill, alt vibe.

BBQ Two 20 is located in a rather small building in Costa Mesa, but there are tables both inside and out on the attached patio. Our party of 7 sat comfortably, taking up half the inside real estate while another two groups sat outside. A small family seated beside a group of twenty-somethings and replaced by a gray haired couple. I wouldn’t expect to see young children or the conservative family among their diners. Between the uncensored music and that feel that it could get raucous with the right catalyst.

Nearly all the meats are supposedly delicious, according to our friend and BBQ regular. My penchant for pulled pork was only slightly tempted by the other smells, but it won out. I’m glad it did. While everyone else groaned with delight over brisket and chicken, I was completely taken in by the well done pork. Not stringy, not tough. Really, the meat practically melts, as well as any meat can. There’s not a lot of sauce or spices to cover for bad grilling. Keeping it to the basics brings out the true, juicy flavors of the meat.

Costs are low for the quality. For two people: 2 sandwiches, 2 local beers   $28.

Hours are 11am – 9pm everyday

1560 Superior Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 631-4227


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