Maybe We Need Wizards

“I want to see mountains, mountains, Gandalf,” Bilbo’s words echo through my mind every morning as I look out onto the mountains in the distance beyond the end of our drive. The ache to drop everything and run off to adventure without so much as a pocket kerchief or cloak pours through my veins. Electric. Blink, and it slowly subsides. My brain carefully folds and tucks away the desire into the dark recesses of my head, and I turn left toward work, errands, and everyday life.


Why do we choose this life? The next great adventure seems just beyond our fingertips. Yet, each morning we wake up and choose No. Select the boring. Mediocre. The thief who slowly steals our soul by pinching our spirit of adventure.

Perhaps we need a wizard of our own to shake us out of these self-imposed bindings.

The excuses are always within easy reach. Got to pay the bills. Family. There are expectations of me. It will take time to make a proper trip out of it. I can’t just take off.

And the Weekends?

I already have plans. It’s been a long week; I need sleep more than anything. The laundry / dishes / homework is piling up.

When will we realize these are just constructs of life? We accept these obstacles because they are known. Work is supposed to be something we trudge through; do our duties for a paycheck and relish the few hours after. Most Americans did not use two entire days of their allotted vacation time last year (2). If we are not squeezing every last moment of bliss from that, when are we getting away? And what are we doing with it?

We do not have the benefit of a handful of dwarves to whisk us away. If we want to save the energy and excitement of our lives, we need to let the laundry pile up. Embrace that spirit of adventure and take off.

(1)    Tolkien, J.R.R. The Fellowship of the Rings.

(2) accessed: 2/7/12


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