Getting Antsy

I’ve lived in California for 8 months. In that time, I’ve explored very little.

Life catches up.

It’s a bit like a cult. See we’re all made to believe from the time when our minds are vulnerable, that the world works in certain ways. We live along those guidelines for years never straying from the path. Sure there are mid-life crisises, but they end quickly. We listen to the talk. “Education is important.” “College is essential to a good job.” “You have to pay your dues in the workplace.” And suddenly, it’s not about you anymore. “You have a family to support. Kids to care for.” It’s a circular system. And we believe it; follow the predetermined route.

There are few who buck the trend. Living paycheck to paycheck and then taking off on grand adventures.

Neither is better than the other, I suppose. But there is really no requirement to follow the system. It feels like there is.


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