Make it Count. 2014

Resolutions are often about making habits and breaking habits. 
Can I just say?
Resolutions suck.
Trying to convince yourself to go to bed earlier, workout 3x a week, avoid sweets… It’s exhausting. Feels like banging your head against a wall over and over. Fail once and spend far too much brain space trying to relieve the guilt. “Just this once.” Suddenly, you’re halfway through February and haven’t opened your gym bag in weeks.
I’m not going to fall in that hole anymore and attempt to dig myself out each November.
This year, I’ve got a very important meeting scheduled for every Sunday night. I’m setting small goals for each week. Little things building into larger goals. One week in, I’m doing a great job of keeping on task. I haven’t bothered to think as far as the end of the year. The furthest I’ve thought is February. It’s been an energetic start.



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